Acana Airing Cupboard Moth Killer and Freshener





Made specially for use in your airing cupboard, this moth killer will kill moths, eggs and larvae safely, while infusing clothes and linen with the fresh scent of lavender. Lasts for 3 months. Licensed Insecticide Killing Product (not just a repellent) Complementary product to Acana Sachet and hanging products Warm and humid environments are loved by moths, making the airing cupboard a high risk environment for breeding and damage Provides protection for valuables in the airing cupboard Specially formulated liquid format for specific use in low airflow-extended temperatures Uses the latest in technology for moth killing Formulated with Bayer’s TRANSFLUTHRIN active Effectively kills moths, eggs and larvae Simultaneously gives a pleasant fresh and clean fragrance Lasts up to 3 months With Visual End of Life Indication Part of the ACANA ‚ÄòSystem of Care’ Range

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