AEG HK604200IB Electric Touch Control Induction Hob, Black





Induction heating is a safer and more energy-efficient way of heating large amounts of food or water in the shortest amount of time. Boasting a sleek surface, this AEG induction hob not only allows easy cleaning to save time and effort each time you cook, it also looks great in any kitchen. This model can be plugged in using a 13 amp fuse and includes touch control. The Stop+Go function means you can leave the heat of all zones reduced to a ‘keep warm’ setting so food does not over cook, and you can still enjoy it when you are ready. Residual heat indicators, automatic switch off and a child safety lock all provide the safety elements needed from an oven hob. Please note: If you have a heart pacemaker, do seek advice from your doctor before using an induction hob. Please also only use pans suitable for induction hobs. These include enamelled steel, iron, stainless steel (depending on the alloy) and some aluminium pans with a ferromagnetic base. Glass and copper bases are unsuitable.

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