AEG L7WEC166R Freestanding Washer Dryer, 10kg Wash/6kg Dry Load, A Energy Rating, White





Equipped with a range of advanced features inside a sleek design, the L7WEC166R Freestanding Washer Dryer from AEG is sure to be a welcome addition to any household. DualSense AEG’s DualSense technology is able to alter the temperature, drum motion and programme to suit the fabric type perfectly. This reduced heat and controlled movement mean that everything from delicates to outdoor wear can be efficiently washed and carefully dried in one cycle. ProSense Similarly, AEG’s intelligent sensor drying programme can detect the level of moisture inside the drum, and automatically end the cycle once the desired dryness is achieved. This preserves your clothing by preventing over-drying and providing better protection, as well as saving even more time and energy. Quick wash and dry The NonStop 60 Minute programme takes just an hour to wash and dry small loads, for ready-to-wear results, without compromising on performance. Wash and dry modes For added flexibility, the L7WEC166R offers a range of washing and drying programmes that can either be used together to clean your clothes in one go, or separately so you can select the right wash and dry cycles independently to suit the load. Woolmark Blue certification The first of its kind to feature the Woolmark Blue certification for both washing and drying, the L7WEC166R is able to safely wash and dry the most delicate fabrics – even your handwash-only woollens.

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