AEG T7DEE835R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 8kg Load, A+ Energy Rating, White





Boasting an impressive A+ energy rating, the AEG T7DEE835R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is well-equipped to help you save on your energy bills and maintain an environmentally friendly home. It’s practical too, with a generous 8kg load capacity and plenty of expertly designed programmes. SensiDry® AEG’s SensiDry technology is able to draw moisture out of fabrics at half the temperature of conventional tumble dryers, without significantly extending the drying time. This means your fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat, preserving the colour and texture in your clothing for longer. Drying at this low temperature even helps you save energy too. ProSense® Similarly, AEG’s intelligent sensor drying programme can detect the level of moisture inside the drum, and automatically end the cycle once the desired dryness is achieved. This preserves your clothing by preventing over-drying and providing better protection, as well as saving even more time and energy. Efficient filtration Unlike conventional dryers, the T7DEE835R operates using AEG’s unique ÖKOFlow filter system, which is a single filter that’s easy to reach and clean. With only one filter, this smart machine dries every load effortlessly, maintaining performance as well as energy efficiency. ProTex drum All AEG dryers come equipped with a ProTex gentle drum – a feature that’s specially designed to take care of your clothes. With this patterned drum, your garments benefit from an efficient airflow and reduced tangling and creasing. Multiple programmes To make drying your clothes simple, the T7DEE835R comes equipped with 16 programmes to choose from including delicate, bed linen, cottons, wool, sports and a handy anti-crease option that helps protect your clothes and cut down ironing. Please note: this appliance may not be suitable for use in sheds, garages or outbuildings due¬†to¬†it needing a warmer ambient operating temperature¬†to¬†dry laundry.

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