Alice Sheridan – Abstract Floating Framed Canvas Print, Set of 9, 34 x 34cm, Red/Multi




Create a gallery wall of bold and colourful abstract canvas prints with this set of nine by artist Alice Sheridan. Each square stretched canvas has a contemporary woodgrain-effect frame with a modern shadow gap separation between the canvas and outer frame. They are ready to wall hang in a room or hallway, on their own or as a set. Artist Alice Sheridan paints intuitively adjusting the composition and choosing bold and contrasting colours as she starts out on each work. I work on a series of paintings at the same time and begin with no endpoint in mind which allows each painting to develop its own unique history, she says, having sketchbooked her work and then moved to wooden panels for painting. As layers build, this tougher base allows me to sand and scrape back revealing previous colours and this keeps a sense of surprise and spontaneity in the finished painting. At some point, there will be a moment where the painting starts to make suggestions and I have to ‘catch’ the clues it’s giving me. It is essential to balance the early freedom with a sensitive and analytical approach to guide the painting to a resolution. Towards the end, the pace slows and changes become more considered and the colours become more refined, but I’m mindful to keep taking daring risks right until the end so the painting keeps that feeling of energy. Have you thought about hooks and fittings ?

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