Anthem, Xbox One

£4.97 £3.99




Jump into your powerful armoured exosuit (called a javelin), become a part of a Freelancer team and then join with up to three additional players, as you explore the ever-changing, beautiful, yet deadly world of Anthem – taking on the land’s strange and varied creatures on the way. This exciting, action role-playing, third-person shooter game enables you to play on your own or in multiplayer, as the story unfolds and challenges begin. Your cooperative adventures will reward for both combined effort and individual skill. Your javelin has been created to provide you with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing you to move speedily, jet across the skies or explore underwater locations. You’ll be able to develop your character – powering up both your piloting skills, as well as your armoury, leading to more dynamic moves and ferocious fighting, as you progress. Please note: an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to access online multiplayer.

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