Emma Mattress Protector





The comfortable and effective Emma mattress protector is designed to protect and prolong the life of your Emma mattress. Designed with a waterproof, breathable, probiotic and antibacterial cover, it helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, creating a sleep space that’s fresher for longer. Anti-Allergy Technology Ideal for allergy sufferers, the cover is made with special fibres that reduce bacteria growth and have fewer dust mite allergens than conventional covers. Thanks to micro-organisms found in the material, this protector is also 100% probiotic and prevents the likelihood of developing allergies. Kind to skin, it helps to keep your sleep environment hygienic. Waterproof Designed to regulate temperature throughout the night, this breathable protector promotes ventilation to keep you cool. It also protects dampness from occurring through the night, ensuring a waterproof layer of protection for your mattress.

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