Haier HTF-552DGS6U1 Cube A Smart Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 90.5cm Wide, Stainless Steel





Say farewell to stressful grocery shopping with the Haier HTF-552DGS6U1 smart fridge freezer. Built with a 21.5-inch touch screen with Alexa connection and speakers for even easier online shopping, cooking instructions and audio and visual entertainment. Plus, its 4-door access provides easy filling and finding of ingredients. Integrated smart screen (21.5INCH) Smart interactive 21.5-inch touch screen with Alexa Connection allowing for a wide range of smart features, including voice control, remote operation (via smartphone app), grocery shopping, smart cooking, media and entertainment while you’re preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Listen to music, set a timer or culinary advice without interrupting your flow. The LCD panel on the right-hand glass door will automatically switch on when you approach the HTF-552DGS6U1 fridge freezer and turn off a few minutes after you’ve left. You can transform the screen into a whiteboard that family members can leave handwritten or voice messages, photos, videos and reminders. Glass finish Beautiful minimalistic design coupled with glass covered stainless steel will add an elegant touch to your kitchen. The toughened glass also functions to keep the product pristine and free from dents. Fresher sensor Intelligent Sensors on each shelf of the fridge independently detect increases in temperature when a new item is placed inside and pumps cold air only where it’s needed. This chills faster and keeps food fresher for longer and saves energy at the same time. Fresher pad Comes with a removable aluminium plate that speeds ups the freezing and defrosting process by 3 times, preserving the flavour and nutritional value of your food. My Switch Zone The innovative My Switch Zone allows you the choice of using the bottom right quadrant as either a fridge (+5°C) or a freezer (- 20 °C). The change is as easy as flicking a switch and can change from fridge to freezer in just 6 hours. ABT Haier’s solution to bacterial build up is a special UV light system which emits UV rays to eliminate 99.8% of bacteria. Dry & Humidity Zone The Dry Zone maintains low humidity. This creates an optimal environment to store foods such as cheese and meat. The Humidity Zone uses Haier’s Humidity Control System (HCS) to keep moisture levels high, ideal for most fruits and vegetables. Keeping foods in the correct conditions preserves nutrients and freshness and helps with less food waste, saving you money on replacing items.

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