Hickory Dickory Dock Board Game




A game of Cat and Mouse which everyone will remember. Traditional, frantic family fun – whip away your mouse before the clock strikes and the cat comes down! A game for up to 7 players, one player becomes the Cat and the others become the mice. The players who are the Mice place their pieces on the clock printed on the play mat, nose inwards and in a circle. The Mouse’s bottom, where the tail joins the body, should be just inside the circle with the tails outside. The Cat rolls the special dice on the table, the colour on top indicates which Mouse is to STOP STILL – they cannot move and will be caught. The Mice players who can move take hold of the end of their tails. Now the Mice all chant ‚ÄúWhat’s the time Kitty Cat?‚Äù to which the Cat replies ‚ÄúThe Clock Strikes (any number from 1 to 12)‚Äù, if the Cat shouts ‚ÄúOne!‚Äù all the Mice (that are allowed to move) attempt to escape capture by whipping their Mouse away before the Cat traps them under the bowl. When the Cat shouts ‚ÄúOne!‚Äù he or she can whip the bowl down quickly once only in an attempt to catch as many Mice as they can. After taking scores the Mice are replaced in the circle for the next throw. The fun will be fast and furious!

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