Hydrangea Jug (Delivery from 4th February 2020)





This beautiful white hydrangea sits pretty in a stylish ceramic jug. A perfect gift for any friend or loved one and would sit nicely in any indoor setting. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season.,Position- Stand the plant indoors in a bright position, eg on (or near) a windowsill. Avoid standing near heat sources such as radiators. Alternatively, the Hydrangea may be moved outdoors into a sheltered, lightly-shaded position. (The plant has been grown under cover so please avoid a sudden temperature shock if weather conditions are very cold.) Care- Hydrangeas are thirsty plants and will need frequent watering especially in warm weather. Adding some plant food to the water every 10 days or so will help prolong flowering.,Product information: 1 x White Hydrangea,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height – 40cm, Sent with a personal message

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