John Lewis & Partners 3-Ply Fusion Non-Stick Frying Pan




Our 3-Ply Fusion range is made of durable stainless steel combined with a non-stick coating that’s resilient to metal utensils. Stainless steel is magnetic and good at conducting heat. We use 18/10 as this grade of stainless steel is corrosion resistant due to the presence of chromium and nickel. All of our pans have a stainless steel base as this provides the magnetism to use on an induction hob. Key benefits: Triple layer non-stick honeycomb mesh suitable for metal utensils Riveted handles with heat-resistant silicone inserts All-around pouring lips Even heat distribution Suitable for use on all hobs, including induction Sizes available: 20cm pan base – H6.2 x Dia.22cm rim to rim 24cm pan base – H7.2 x Dia.26cm rim to rim 28cm pan base – H7.2 x Dia.30cm rim to rim Getting the most from your induction pans All of our John Lewis induction pans are tested to British and European standards for safety and performance. To ensure the functionality of induction pans, it is important to make sure the magnetic circuit with the hob isn’t broken by: Making sure the size of the pan base is no smaller than the hob ‘ring’ Using pans with a flat base Not lifting the pan off the hob top continuously Giving coated and aluminium pans with steel bases more time to heat, as the aluminium sides do not heat directly from the hob

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