John Lewis & Partners Mi-Light Cabinet Lighting Zone Remote Control Receiver





This Mi-Light Receiver works with the Mi-Light Remote Control and Wi-Fi unit. Dim the brightness of John Lewis & Partners kitchen cabinet lights, plinth lights or LED strips with this receiver to smoothly adjust the lighting from zero to 100%. One receiver controls one area/zone. Add more receivers to control up to 4 zones so you can customise your kitchen lighting. Shift from warm white to cool white, however the mood takes you. Full instructions are included. To function, the receiver requires the Mi-Light Remote Control or Wi-Fi (product codes: 80731030 and 80731032). The remote control transmits on Radio Frequency (up to an impressive 20 metres) so your receivers can be out of sight, for example behind plinths or on top of cabinets. Dimming is achieved with simple installation, and also allows you to switch your lighting on and off with the remote control. The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are included.

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