Justin Van Genderen – Rogue NASA/Rings Unframed Prints, Set of 2, 40 x 30cm





Two unframed prints by Justin Van Genderen. ‘Rogue NASA’ was designed for the unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of NASA. ‘Rings’ features a quote from American astronomer and author Carl Sagan. Justin Van Genderen is a Chicago-based designer and owner/operator of the design studio 2046 Design. He has been commissioned by Nissan, law firms, businesses and also designed movie posters. In his own work, either screen prints or giclee, Genderen shares the knowledge he has learnt from natural, physics and astronomy. From his curiosity, which brings together science fiction, comics and outer space explorations, the themes of wonder, truth and objectivity arise. Genderen investigates these themes using a scientific method. This approach, which focuses on objectivity, allows him to translate complex realities into astounding pure and focused designs, that open up a new form of beauty. Have you thought about hooks and fittings? Shop here .

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