Kobo Clara HD eReader, 6 Illuminated Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, Black





Created with a 300 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) E ink Carta display that reads just like print on paper and 512MB RAM for even the most demanding content, the Kobo Clara HD eReader features a long battery life, 8GB of storage and a ComfortLight Pro that can gradually reduce blue-light exposure, so you experience a more comfortable night-time reading experience, without spoiling your sleep. Day and night Carta E Ink technology provides a brilliant print on paper reading experience, even in direct sunlight. Not only is it easy to read from, it also eliminates flashes between page turns – and it features touch controls for added simplicity. The ComfortLight Pro will help you read in the dark with an evenly illuminated front-light. Additionally, the ComfortLight Pro won’t shine bright lights in your eyes, making it much more comfortable to read than a traditional backlit screen. Large library In the Kobo Book Store, you can find over 4 million of the best books and comics available for purchase. The Kobo Clara HD is compatible with a wide range of file types and with 8GB of internal storage you’ll be able to keep a vast library with up to 6000 books on your device. Ideal for travel The Clara HD is made to go everywhere with you. It’s lightweight and packs a massive battery life so you can take it on long trips without it weighing you down or worrying about the battery running out.

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