LEGO Star Wars 75265 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters




Ideal for children aged 6 and upwards Fully assembled the Bantha measures over 5cm high, 12cm long and 4cm wide. The T-16 Skyhopper measures over 7cm high, 8cm long and 8cm wide Contains 198 pieces and includes 2 minifigures: a LEGO Star Wars Pilot with a blaster pistol and a Tusken Raider with a Gaffi Stick Use the LEGO Life app to access the intuitive building Instructions PLUS that help even younger builders through the building process Taking it all the way back to when we hadn’t heard about Kylo Ren, we didn’t know that Vader was Luke’s father (spoiler) and the Resistance was still known as ‘those rebel scum’, this LEGO Star Wars set has young Padawans recreate some of the smaller, more domestic conflict on Luke’s home planet. Inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope, this miniature set is easy to build so the battle play starts fast. Great for solo or group play, the Bantha figure has a saddle for the Tusken Raider minifigure and stick holder to inspire active play, while the starship also seats a Skyhopper pilot as the two do battle in the Tatooine desert! Instructions Plus: A Interactive Building Experience Also included with this experience is compatibility with Instructions PLUS; available in the LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets. The easy-to-use digital instructions let builders zoom, rotate and visualise their creation using the special ghost mode as they go.

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