Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 Wake up to Daylight SAD Light





Light at the start of the day is the most effective way to reset your internal clock and the daily cycle of hormones, metabolism and sleep. The Bodyclock Shine 300 from Lumie is a Class 1 graded medical device that will introduce you to the benefits of sleeping and waking with light, so that you can experience a more regular sleep and wake pattern. This Lumie product is designed with a modern fabric base that will blend effortlessly into bedroom settings. Wake up naturally Bodyclock Shine 300 wakes you naturally at the alarm time when the light is at its brightest. Set a sunrise duration of 15-90 minutes and your preferred final light intensity to wake up to a warm glow or a bright, sunny room. Choose from one of the wake up sounds or a radio alarm for extra reassurance. Waking up with gradual light has been proven to boost mood, productivity and energy levels, so that you feel brighter and ready for the day ahead. Unwind naturally Wind down gradually with the sunset feature that lasts from 15-90 minutes. This allows you to drift off to sleep as the light and audtio fade together. Fading light is a signal for the body to produce melatonin ready for sleep, so the sunset makes you naturally drowsy. Realistic lighting fades through pink, orange, red then turns off or stays at a soft glow if you set the nightlight feature. Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder This product is recommended for SAD and winter blues sufferers as it helps to regulate your sleep and wake cycles. Key features include: Gradual sunrise and sunset light with authentic colours Light-sensitive auto-dimming display Choice of 14 sleep and wake up sounds FM radio Controllable light intensity Alarm clock with tap-control snooze Quiet Mark Plus, with the Quiet Mark stamp of approval, this appliance will work discreetly without disrupting the tranquillity of your home.

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