Natasha Barnes – Prediction Framed Print & Mount, 84.5 x 64.5, Multi





An abstract print by artist Natasha Barnes, mounted and framed. Natasha Barnes is a self-taught fine artist from South Africa. Her natural talent and pure passion for painting have led Natasha to develop a profound style reflective of expressionism. The artist’s dynamic marriage of colour and texture, created via sophisticated mark making, evokes a sense of fluidity, movement and a sense of a ‚Äòjourney’ in every piece. Natasha paints in water-based mediums and her inspirations often stem from her travels. Earthy tones reflect her South African roots and application is thick and sometimes textured. Her subject dictates the flow of the paint and forms take on an element of the unreal, moving into the world of abstraction. Have you thought about hooks and fittings ?

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