Optoma HZ40UST Ultra Short Throw 1080p Full HD 3D Laser Projector, 4000 Lumens





The Optoma HZ40UST Ultra Short Throw 1080p Full HD 3D Laser Projector can provide you with a super-sized 100-inch Full HD image from only 30cm. With great colour technology and conforming to Rec.709, you’ll be delivered accurate and true to life colour reproduction, no matter if you’re watching sport, playing games or enjoying a 3D film (please note: required 3D glasses are sold separately). Big Picture Achieve an authentic home cinema experience, give that presentation accompanied by stunning visuals, or get lost in your gaming like never before. And because the projected image induces less eye strain, you can comfortably keep viewing for longer. Great features This projector reaches a brightness level of 4000 lumens for a crisp image in any environment. Running at 24 frames per second (how most movies are shot), the picture is as the director intended. With a rich and vibrant colour range, your films and games look stunning in any lighting condition. This projector reproduces the Rec.709 colour gamut, the HDTV standard, to guarantee accurate representation of cinematic colour. Additional information: to get a perfect image requires a completely flat surface. As most walls are not entirely flat, to avoid slight distortion to the top of the picture, you might need to install a screen onto your projection surface. For non-flat walls you might be better to use a short throw projector.

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