Rangemaster Longstock 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker





This Rangemaster Longstock dual fuel cooker is built with two ovens, along with 6 gas burners and a separate glide-out grill. Large cooking capacity They have a whopping 79 litre storage capacity, allowing for a range of different meals to be whipped up. Cook roasts, poultry, fish or even large sharing dishes simultaneously in these massive spaces. Both ovens have 2 shelves and 5 different shelf positions to give you plenty of space to add a roast or a couple of dishes. The solid doors are triple glazed to help seal in the heat for best cooking experience. Energy efficient With an energy efficiency rating of A, this cooker is eco-conscious and uses less energy than inferior cooker models. With less energy being used, it not only is good for the environment but also means a saving on your next power bill. Programmable timer This cooker has a programmable timer, so you can easily have multiple dishes on the go without losing track of cooking time for each. Easy cleaning Featuring Catalytic liners that absorb fat and steam during cooking, this cooker then releases these deposits to the base when above 200 degrees, ensuring that the oven is kept as clean as possible with minimum effort.

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