Rangemaster NEX110SODFF Nexus Steam 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker, A Energy Rating





You can create your ideal kitchen with the premium NEX110SODFF range cooker. The centrepiece of your new kitchen is the ultimate culinary assistant. The NEX110SODFF is 110cm wide and offers two electric ovens with a large 114 litres of capacity. This range cooker also offers a traditional gas hob. Offering a wide range of features, the NEXUS Steam is a premium option. It’s the ultimate cooking machine ideal for roast dinners, large dinner parties and for everyday essentials. Save space in your kitchen with a range cooker that gives you a variety of cooking methods in one place. You can create a real wow factor in the kitchen with this show stopping appliance. The dedicated steam cavity locks in nutrients and the fresh natural taste of food. This is great for ingredient lovers, home cooks and health conscious families. The clear LED display with superior icons makes viewing and function change easy. Key features: Deluxe hotplate with multi-zone cooking area and griddle Deluxe Glide-out grill Precise electronic controls on the sealed glass fascia Pure injection steam cavity with a grill, control to within a single degree 40 – 100° Proving drawer 11 function, multi-function oven, control to within a single degree 40 – 260° Branded plinth This range cooker is unique offers dedicated steam cavity. The high-quality seamless sealed glass fascia features ergonomic rotary controls and markings sealed behind the glass. Electronic controls offer ultimate precision and control and the electronic thermostat offers single degree accuracy in the multi-function oven and steam cavity. Cooking possibilities include: bake, batch cook, boil, brown, dry, grill, griddle, preserve, prove, roast, simmer, slow cook, sous vide, steam, sterilise, and stir fry. The perfectly sealed glass fascia delivers a premium look and feel of this high-end product. The glass fascia is fully-sealed so oil, crumbs or moisture, for example, can’t get behind the glass. The enamel fascia markings are sealed in behind the glass so will never wear away. Two LED electronic displays provide touch control cooking of the multi-function oven and steam cavity. Ergonomic rotary controls offer ergonomic precision and single handed ignition for ease of use. The advantages of steam: Versatility – steam is a great way to cook a vast array of foods from eggs to fish to meat to vegetables to puddings to cheesecakes Superior nutrient, texture and flavour retention of foods that are steamed Precise temperature control enables everything from defrosting at 40° to sous vide cooking around 57-64 °to full steam at 100° Effortless safe cooking – pop the food in, set the time, temperature then press play and relax while the steam cavity does the work Easy clean and dishwasher safe trays A dedicated temperature controlled grill There are a number of advantages of cooking with steam. You can reheat dishes in the steam oven to restore lost moisture, perfect for left overs. Enjoy an enhanced flavour and keep the fresh natural taste of foods through gentle steaming as food retains more moisture when steamed. Bring out the fresh vibrant natural colour of food through the gentle steam cooking process. Cooking with steam is healthier as no fat or oil needed. A fantastic flexible hotplate with multi zone cooking area and griddle 5 gas burners: 1 small burner for stove top espresso, milk pan, gentle simmering 2 medium burners for everyday tasks: boiling, frying, sautéing 1 large burner for rapid boiling, reducing, bigger pans 1 multi ring burner for wok cooking, casserole dishes, Paella pan, Maslin pan Controlled with precision using the ergonomic rotary controls. Model numbers: NEX110SODFFBL/C – Black NEX110SODFFIV/C – Cream NEX110SODFFSL/C – Slate NEX110SODFFSS/C – Stainless Steel Energy efficient With an A-energy rating, this range cooker will help you save money on your bills as well as be better for the environment.

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