STAUB Cast Iron Round Grill Pan, Black, Dia.27cm





Perfectly sear meat, fish or vegetables, barbecue-style with the round-shaped grill pan from STAUB. Grooves in the pan leave patterned sear lines, just like on a barbecue, and they drain fat for healthier cooking. Meat sears and becomes crisp on the outside, sealing in juices for tender and juicy cooking results. It’s also ideal for frying fillets, fresh asparagus, potatoes and making warm, crisp salads. Key features: Makes barbecue-style grilling stripes Pan grooves drain off fat Meat juice draining side spouts Superb cast iron heat retention reduces energy use and is ideal for searing Enamel inner sides prevent burning Durable and easy to clean Collapsible heat-resistant silicone handle Perfect for oven-to-table serving Oven and grill safe to 250°C Barbecue-style cooking in the pan Food cooked on the grill pan earns its grilling stripes, as if it’s straight from the barbecue. But it’s healthier thanks to the pan’s fat-draining grooves. Spouts on the sides make it easy to drain meat juices to make a delicious sauce. High-quality materials The grill pan is very resilient, durable and easy to clean. Its striking look means it can be used for serving from the hob or oven straight to the table. Even heat distribution Cast iron is a carbon-rich iron alloy and so is exceptional at retaining heat, diffusing it slowly and distributing it evenly. Once cast iron is hot, you can turn the heat down to a minimum for gentle simmering and to reduce energy consumption. It’s ideal for searing and the inner sides are covered in enamel to prevent burning, making it even easier to perfect tasty dishes. Collapsible heat-resistant handle Made of silicone, the handle does not become hot. The handle is also collapsible to save space when storing. Hob, induction and oven suitable It can be used on all types of hobs, including induction, and is heat-resistant in the oven and grill up to 250°C. Not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher.

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