The Collection Phalaenopsis Orchid Hoop (Delivery from 28th December 2019)





A beautiful hooped white phalaenopsis orchid presented in a decorative ceramic plant pot. A perfect gift to fill any indoor space this spring. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season.,Care- Keep the bark compost moist, but not wet, checking weekly and adding a little water when required. Tap water can be used, but soft water (e.g. rain water) is preferable if available, and the water should be room temperature. Where possible, water over a sink and allow any excess water to drain out. Food is available specifically for orchids – follow the manufacturer’s instructions, taking care not to over-feed. Remove any dying flowers when they are almost ready to fall off, without pulling hard. Phalaenopsis orchids will flower for several weeks and often for 3 months or more. After flowering, cut back the stem part-way down, just above a node or ‘eye’, while the stem is still green. New growth will start from this node and should produce some further flowers after 2-3 months. Alternatively, cut the spent stem off at base level and the plant should produce a completely new flowering stem several months later.,Product information: 1 x Phalaenopsis Orchid Hoop,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height – 35cm , Sent with a personal message

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