Tommee Tippee Pip the Panda Rechargeable Light and Sound Sleep Aid





Pip the Panda from Tommee Tippee promises to always be there for your little one! His built-in CrySensor is an innovative development which allows him to listen out for noises made by baby. When the CrySensor is activated, Pip will automatically start playing his soothing sounds and help settle your child back to sleep. Key features. 6 soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and 3 lullabies to reassure baby. Adjustable volume and light brightness to suit your baby’s needs Sounds play for 20 minutes USB Rechargeable – The light and sound sleep aid is rechargeable with a USB lead, meaning no need to keep replacing expensive batteries Pip can hear all noises within a room but is specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds which may disturb your child. The CrySensor means Mum or Dad don’t have to get up to turn Pip on to resettle your child or head into baby’s room and disturbing them further when you have to sneak in and open the door! Pip has a gentle warm glowing tummy to help create a lovely calming environment for your baby to drift off to sleep in. If baby should wake up in the night, Pip can help them self soothe and resettle. Pip will play either soothing sounds or lullabies for 20 minutes after the CrySensor is activated and then Pip switches to standby mode for three hours, but rest assured he is listening intently and will turn on at any point during standby mode if he hears baby stir.

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